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When you think of Orlando, Florida, tourists and theme parks usually come to mind. But, this city that we call home has so much more to offer. Yesterday, we explored an up and coming area of Orlando and discovered some lovely local businesses. 
Of course we had to look cute and stylish for our day out. We both ended up in our favorite colors, black and white. We decided to just go with it and be color coordinated (at least it would look good for pictures). 
We spent the day shopping at artsy shops, we both can't resist a unique decoration or a great piece of jewelry, shopping clothing boutiques, because of course we LOVE clothes, and eating lunch at a scratch kitchen, YUM. 
It was great to support local businesses. We really have a passion for shopping small and eating at local restaurants. These establishments offer such charm and originality that you just can't get from chains. 
I am happy to be so close with my mom. I always have so much fun with her no matter what we are doing and she truly is my best friend. Sorry to get sappy, but it's true! 

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